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You crave for a perfectly clean kitchen? Get rid of the kitchen clutter then.

You adore cooking and baking and therefore you love spending some time in your kitchen preparing divine meals and desserts, but indeed you are not so keen on the whole idea about the mandatory clean-up thereafter. You end up having a messy, greasy and dirty kitchen, which doesn’t inspire you at all to even make a breakfast in the morning. But the harsh truth is that you have fault for this whole situation, and in fact if your kitchen was better organized and absolutely decluttered, you would be able to clean it easier and to maintain it in a perfect condition.

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And admit it or not, you always neglect this part and then you are always complaining about the time you spend there instead of in the park or on the couch with a nice book and a cup of coffee.

Don’t worry though; the good news is that following a few easy steps only, you will be able to turn this place into a paradise.

Remove and arrange 

The things you learn living in a small flat1You walk in the kitchen and what do you notice first? Most often – the messy kitchen plot. You can indeed find everything there – the leftovers from the last night’s dinner, the coffee you made yesterday morning, but you didn’t drink, some papers and shopping lists, a bowl with fruits, an empty bottle of wine, a box full of chocolate and some biscuits, a towel and so much more. Ok, think now, how much time you will possibly need to clean only all of these – definitely more than you have. So the first step is arranging and this must become a habit of yours. So you don’t have to spend an hour once a week, organizing them all, but you should put everything where it belongs on an instant. You empty the whole bottle of wine, throw it away, and simply do not leave it there. Sounds more than easy, but you will be surely amazed by the results. An year ago I hired one of the best London’s professional cleaners for an oven cleaning and they told me then that the stuff you store on the kitchen plot, accumulate so much dirt and dust that they can cause you some allergies and because of the sticky grease there, the whole situation might get so much worse that the end of tenancy cleaning would be a total disaster.

Let it go 

And then the real question is how many of these things do you actually use in your everydayness. Go over them and ask yourself if you have used the toaster in the last month, for instance, and if the answer is no, then you should probably put it in a cupboard instead of storing it on the plot. And if there are things you haven’t used in the last six months, you definitely need to get rid of them and maybe give them to some friends or family members, because they only take up a lot of space and make your kitchen look messy and unclean.

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