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The holy night table

Your house is a reflection of you, of your wishes and desires, emotions and sensations. Your bedroom is the home of your soul and the things you have on your night table tell more about you than all the words on Earth, than all of your friends’ stories and your mother’s praises, than your CV and your facebook information. You spend some lovely time here with your beloved one, sharing every moment, having a brunch in a nice and sunny Sunday morning, you sometimes read a book here alone and visit new worlds, experiencing the fates of every character. And the things you have on your night table are the first ones you see in the morning and the last ones you notice before you go back to sleep. And they better be beautiful and worthy.

A clock 

This is maybe the most practical, but old school now. Well, you don’t really need one, because you have your phone and you are checking the time by one click and you have several alarms with different ringtones and mandatory a snooze option. However, having a clock, and even better an old one, which belonged to your grandparents or which you have bought from a small antique shop in Paris and which has history and belonged to a person with different ideas, emotions and lifestyle so long ago, is a nice idea, because the phone is too trivial now, isn’t it?


red-792139_1280These ones definitely show who you are. Are you a magazine type – you buy a fashion one and e design one and you prefer reading some articles instead of novels, because who has time for this nowadays? So you have one by your side, in case you want to read a little right before you go to bed. Or you are maybe the book worm, who is capable of not sleeping at all, if the book you are reading is devouring, grabs your attention and inspires you – you don’t only have one, but a couple, because you don’t know, when you will need a nice story and a quick escape from the reality.


If you are one of those, who think of the bedroom as the place you can be completely at ease, you probably have a lot of candles which you often light and the atmosphere instantly changes and it’s magical and tranquil and you forget the everydayness and need nothing more. Just perfect.


Electronic devices table-791584_1280

Well, admit it or not, I bet that you have one. We all do and this is so boring, what a shame that we are so dependent from our phones and tablets and laptops and we are constantly checking them and we too often think of them first when we wake up. Well, try to leave them out the room at least at the weekends. You will be grateful then.


You sneaky little friend, I know you have a chocolate bar right there, but who doesn’t need a piece of flawless bliss right before going to bed?


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