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The difference between the way you clean your leather sofa and the way you should do it

When I first moved in this house, I liked it a lot – it was all light and spacious, beautifully designed and perfectly arranged. But something impressed me more than a lot – in the middle of the living room, just in front of the TV, I saw it, its majesty – the flawless leather sofa. And if you believe that it is too old-fashioned, you are too deluded, because it is classy and nice and brings some kind of a soul to this enthralling home. However, for one reason or other I rented this property and live ever since happily here. But the real question is: do I find this couch still so magical? Well, I am in two minds even after so much time. The overall appearance is absolutely stunning, but the cleaning is a total disaster. I tried so many cleaning products, I have used every single one from the great variety offered in the market, but something is still not actually ok.  

Fortunately, a friend of mine was moving out soon and he hired one of the best London’s professional cleaners for an end of tenancy cleaning, which was brilliant indeed. And then, as I have something like a sofa issue and I am constantly looking for solutions, I asked them and I was out of breath. Why have I been doing it wrong for so long, while it is more than facile?

Vacuum-clean first. Apparently the biggest mistake ever is starting directly with the detergent. And the truth is that thus, you won’t succeed. So get rid of the dust and only then use the leather sofa cleaning kit or mix some white vinegar with water instead. Perfect with a microfiber cloth and this sofa like a piece of elegance will always make your home shine.


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