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The cleaning tips professionals give you

It is all about the cleaning too often. That house of your dreams doesn’t look that nice and that dreamy at all, when it is not cleaned well. But how do you clean it properly, is the logical next question. Unfortunately the time we spend tidying doesn’t determine the final result, which means that you could spend a whole week performing an end of tenancy cleaning and in the end you may still fail the inspection, you may spend your whole weekend doing the so called spring cleaning, or the fall one and you might be more than disappointed in the beautiful sunny Monday morning when you notice the hundreds imperfections you obviously didn’t take care of. Yes, this is the harsh reality and we all have to face it. But why do you expect that you will be a cleaning master, for God sake? Just like you are perfectly good at doing what you are paid for and you are an expert at your workplace, there are people, who are specialized in cleaning and they are doing it more than well, absolutely impressive, they leave you out of breath. Last year, I thought I deserve some help and I hired one of the London’s cleaning professionals and not only did they leave my home in a perfect condition, but they also gave me some tips I want to share with you.

Clean skillfully, make a routine

Of course, the first thing is the way you clean and many of us just do not do it efficiently. You have to find the right one – try different detergents and find the cleaning product that works perfectly well for you, try new methods and techniques, and try training yourself, start cleaning more skillfully. Right after that make a proper cleaning routine. For instance, choose the task that should be done in a particular day and make it a rule – Friday – vacuum-cleaning, etc.

Do not procrastinate

The biggest cleaning mistake that could be done is not cleaning at all. This will lead to a dirty, messy and totally not cozy home and you will need ages then to make it look normal again. So plan your cleaning, do it on time and if there is a stain you notice today, clean it immediately, do not leave it for tommorrow. This may sound too easy or too general, but could indeed bring your cleaning to a whole new level, so give it a try.

Try not to make dirt

This is not a cleaning tip, but is so closely connected to cleaning, because if you cut down the dirt, you will have less areas and places to take care of and you could thus focus on the details, spend more time, more energy and more efforts. The results would be logically impressive. So when you come back home after work, take off your shoes, put them in the closet, because it is the little things that always matter and make difference in the end.



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