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Summer at home

Oh, it’s finally summer – the season of the freedom, the flightiness and the absolute rest. You have always connected this magical time with your childhood, the end of the school year and the start of the unforgettable experience. You liked it then, just like you adored it during your university years and now, you love the whole idea of spending some time somewhere with your beloved one, only you two, together, or with some friends to share it all with. But in the harsh reality we live, the summer not always means holiday. Well, yeah, you are having your two weeks off in the middle of august, but till then there is a lot of time you have to spend in the office and then back at home. But if you make your house a summery and freshly cozy place, you will invite the sensations of this season at home and they will find place in your soul.

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Bed in the garden 

lawn-chairs-691561_1280We have some stereotypical ideas of the seasons – yeah, the winter must be spent at home around the fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate and candle lights and the coziness of cuddling and blankets and pillows and warmness should be all around. And the summer is connected with the outdoor – the beach, the mountain, the park and why not the garden. This place is at your home and in fact can turn out to be absolutely magical. And all you need is some sort of bed, you could move there for the summer. And it is not necessary this to be the one from your bedroom, thus you not having an alternative the whole summer, you can buy a cheap one you can use only in the backyard. You can chill there and talk with your beloved one every night, you can simply enjoy the magically wonderful starry sky or you can have a movie night, watching that film with 9.5 out of 10 in imdb. The excellence of life is brought to a night in the yard.

Summer scents

summer-still-life-785231_1280Ok, we all like this idea, but unfortunately not all of us have that garden, so why don’t you bring the summer indoors. The summer scents are vital and powerful, every time you close your eyes and you smell the lavender or the sage that remind you of the last summer, you get nostalgic in a good way and instantly go there in your mind, in your memories. And I am sure that your past summers have collected so many scents you can somehow find in the city and bring near to your heart.

The plants

It could be normal indoor plants or freshly cut flowers – the effect is slightly the same. Your home is livelier and more summery, because the flowers remind you of the magnolias in Greece and tulips in Amsterdam. They are easy to find, not so hard to look after and a precious decoration.



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