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Is the end of tenancy cleaning possible with a pet?

Mike is part of the family. He was with you when you moved in town and didn’t know anyone, he was with you when you started your first job, when you meet your future spouse, when you fell in love, when you were happy and when you were sad. Mike was with you when you were absolutely alone in your home, crying on the kitchen floor, having lost all hope. He was with you when your flat was full of cheerful people, when you were having a movie night with your friends. Yes, he was always there. And he will be. He was one of the reasons you looked for a house instead of the flat in the city center – because you have always dreamed about your kids playing with Mike in the backyard. This dream is your paradise. And Mike someone you definitely love. Mike – your wonderful dog.

So now you are planning your move out and you have to take care of the whole rented property, performing the end of tenancy cleaning. You love Mike, but you know that he makes this task a lot harder. You finally end up asking yourself is the end of tenancy cleaning possible when you have a pet or you better get over the loss of your security deposit.

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Train him

The moment you think about having a pet in your rented property, you better start thinking if you could train him properly. You better be able, because unfortunately the dog/cat or whatever animal you’ve chosen can do damage your home far too much. And then there’s a chance that even the professional cleaner won’t be able to cope with it.

Find a temporary home

When you start packing, moving out and in, cleaning, sorting, arranging, you will have too much work to do and you won’t be able to pay attention to your pet. And it won’t be happy about it at all. So provide a home for your pet for a couple of days before and after the actual move out and make sure that he will feel comfortable there.

Clean your home regularly

The pets make a lot of dirt and you better take care of it before the post tenancy cleaning, because otherwise it will be more time-consuming and costly. The magical must-have tool for all the pet-owners is definitely the sticky roller, which is the only one that could cope with pet hair.

Hire a cleaning company

As soon as you have a pet, your home is surely dirtier than the normal ones. This means in most of the cases that you will need professional care. So make a research and find the best London’s cleaning company that will do the end of tenancy cleaning quickly and efficiently.

Get rid of the smells

Well, someone who doesn’t own a pet will surely find out that there’s one in your house because of the odor. Cope with this problem by airing naturally and lighting candles that absorb the smells.


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