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How to clean your home with not much more than a lemon

Usually there comes a time, when we want to forget about the cleaning detergents that take up space under the sink, and often are way too expensive and not so effective. We start looking for alternative cleaning methods for our home, with more biological substances, rather than chemical ones. Especially if you want to get back your deposit, at the end of your stay, and you have to attain end of tenancy cleaning, at some point- you are not so willing to spend a lot of money as you prepare the apartment for someone else. But even if this is not the case, and the end of tenancy cleaning is years away in your planes, you have to know these tricks, just for the everyday maintenance of your home.

3506659385_96c46f1962_oSo here comes the lemon, the best friend for everyday or end of tenancy cleaning. Where does the lemon’s power hides? Its high acid content allows it to work as a disinfectant and powerful “killer” of most common bacteria among most households.

Cleaning utensils – when it comes to steel and chromium, there is not a tough enough method that can help you in the cleaning process of you favorite utensils. But the lemon has the power to “penetrate” deeper and clean completely dark spots on them. For better results, dip half a lemon in a little salt before rubbing. This works as an exfoliant and as a result the forks and spoons will be even more sparkling.

Coming to sanitizing the microwave and cleaning all the remaining food particles and stick food residues, even the best housewife gets frustrated. How can a lemon help you here? Take one and cut it into small and thin slices. Take a bowl suitable for the microwave, arrange the pieces of lemon, pour boiling water from above them and “cook „ until it heats for about a minute or so. This way the citric acid, with its antibacterial properties will kill the bacteria gathered in the oven, the moisture from evaporating water will soften and clear adherent and gathered junk and particles.

Cleaning the bathroom – Instead of rubbing the tiles, the joints, bath and everything else in the bathroom with irritating chemicals, better try this homemade recipe: squeeze 6 lemons and pour the liquid in the bottle with a nozzle. Spray the affected area. Citric acid will dissolve the accumulated dirt and moisture will form a “foggy” mixture. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties will sanitize and disinfect your bathroom perfectly.

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