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Home maintenance: the things you always forget to clean that drive you crazy later

You are not one of those people who hate cleaning on a level they never actually perform it, but just sit and complain all the time. Yes, you are not like one of the lovely, smiley housewives in the commercial who clean with passion, laughing and celebrating either, but you are doing it on a daily basis without any problems. You have a proper system which helps you maintain your home and in the same time you still have your free time, hobby and pleasure in life. But there are some little stupid things you too often skip and you completely forget about. And then when you notice them you go out of your mind. Yeah, you are not alone. We are all in this situation. So if you see a list of these little somethings, you may not be absent-minded the next time and you will finally have the chance to reach the pure perfection and absolute happiness.

The dirty plants 

Oh, you love them. They make your home cozier, they clear the air and they are so beautiful. No matter if you have succulents at home, or a small palm-tree or another indoor plant, you find them absolutely magnificent, because they are the most natural decoration. However, you only like to enjoy their presence at home, and always forget to clean them. And then when everything is ready, when your home is perfectly clean as if it’s just prepared for the landlord’s inspection, then you see the annoying dust and you are more than mad. There are two simple ways to make them seem perfect: you either spray them with clean water taking off the dirt with a simple rug, or you clean them with wet wipes, which is even easier.

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The fingerprints 

These annoying little things could be found at many places – on the walls, on the windows, on the table’s glass or even on your new TV’s plasma display. And the worst part is that you do not notice them at all, until the moment comes, when you are relaxing on the sofa with a glass of wine and a nice book or you are having a nice chat with your beloved, when you accidentally see one of them. Oh, hell. You are furious now. You have to stand up, and start cleaning, in the middle of your rest. They could be easily removed from every surface, even from the walls, with some warm water and wet clout. So do it during the cleaning, and you won’t hate yourself later, you will even thank yourself during the end of tenancy cleaning.

The dust 

This thing is too general. Yeah, you do not forget to get rid of it when it’s on the kitchen plot, on the shelves, on the tables and desks. But there are still places that you fail to clean like some frames that hang on the walls, like most of the lighting fixtures and all of the skirting boards. Make a list earlier and do not omit them!



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