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Gardening for Beginners: 5 healthy herbs at home

Gardening sounds a little frightening and not for everyone. Well, you don’t have some remarkable planting skills, but you love your garden, you adore it. You like spending some time there with your family in a simple sunny morning, drinking coffee, having a brunch. You love gathering your friends here, in the garden, for a BBQ with music and chatting, spending some precious time. But every other day you go to the garden center, choose carefully a flower and then plant it. And too often it dies only in a few days. But you haven’t lost hope and now want to grow something new. Here are the 5 most popular culinary herbs and the method for their cultivation.

The basil

Let’s start with this Italian divine herb, because it’s most likely that you won’t succeed killing it – it’s just too simple to grow. It doesn’t need much watering and you can even plant it indoors. The basil is really good in detoxifying and calming the nerves. This herb is also basically in every Italian dish. You can use it while preparing pizza or pasta, or you can make yourself the unique Italian pesto using the basil leaves, some extra virgin olive oil, Italian Parmesan cheese and garlic. And voilà!

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The rosemary 

This aromatic herb needs full sunshine and frequent watering. Recent studies say that it prevents cancer, so you won’t lose anything if you use it more frequently. Another nice quality is the fact that it spreads wonderful scent every time you touch it. You can then use this magical herb to prepare roasted chicken, or mashed potatoes. You can use it in pizza, pasta and even in baking some cookies.

The mint 

This one is better planted outdoors, because it grows really fast and if it doesn’t have enough space, it soon dies. The herb contains different vitamins, predominantly vitamin A. It prevents from depressions, dizziness and insomnia. There is a mint tea which is really tasty and healthy. And in culinary this herb is applied, too, in combination with chocolate, for instance, the result is delightful. A simple drink you can make is mint lemonade, using the mint leaves, the juice from 2 squeezed lemons, 2 tbsp of honey or sugar, some water and ice. It’s absolutely perfect summer treat.

The parsley

This one is probably the most widespread culinary herb. It doesn’t need much care, but it grows slowly. The result, however, is worth the wait. This herb contains the vitamins A and C and is also anti-oxidant. The parsley is used in all kind of cooked dishes and in many salads as well. A really easy recipe is the one for parsley balls: here you need only cheese, eggs and some parsley leaves.

The dill

This anti-oxidant herb is better planted outdoors in full sunshine. It is said that it cures hiccups and thus provides a simple solution for this problem. In the culinary this herb is added to soups, roasted meat and fish, to potatoes.

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