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Black or white bathroom: which one is easier to stay clean?

No matter if you are on a housing tour, looking for an apartment to rent, or you are house hunting, searching the home of your dreams, if you have the needed experience, if you have moved in and out several times and have lived in different places through the years, you are most probably paying attention to the details, because in the end they bathroom-690774_1280are what indeed matters. So you are visiting different houses and you are not interested in how the bedrooms or the living room looks like, you think of how you could maintain this home and how much time you will have to spend. And in this same train of thoughts you go to the bathroom where the eternal question is: black or white is better?

The black one

This is so damn beautiful and impressive, but indeed the cleaning disaster itself. No matter how much time you spend on your knees polishing the tiles and trying to remove the hard water stains, they will be still there and the worst part is that they will be too visible and too annoying for you. The soap, shampoo, shower gel, etc. stains could be hardly removed as well and this makes the whole situation a total nightmare.

The white one

It is indeed better than the black one, but here there is a chance that dirt and grime could be found between the tiles, for instance, and they won’t be perfectly white for a long time. However, if you are taking care of this bathroom frequently, on a weekly basis, it will shine.

Somewhere in the middle

Like the beige bathroom, for instance – you won’t face the previous problems and in fact even if you don’t clean it so often, no one could notice.

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