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End of tenancy cleaning: mud on the carpet, what now?

You are just about to move out at the end of the month and you started thinking about the whole end of tenancy cleaning thing, because you know that the inspection will eventually happen and that your lovely landlordEnd of tenancy cleaning will arrive with some lists here and not only a cleaning one, but an inventory one as well. Ok, first you thought that investigating the situation at home will be a nice idea and you started packing and rearranging the furniture so that you can clean better absolutely every place. And then something unexpected came out. You were just moving the lovely table at the entryway when you saw a massive mud stain there. Well, you cannot really remember when this disaster happened, but what you surely remember is that one of the after tenancy cleaning requirements includes the carpets. Therefore you called one of the best professional London’s cleaners, which has wonderful reputation and whose service you have used more than once, and they gave you this advice.

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Vacuum and dry clean 

Well, these mud stains leave some dirt not only deep in the carpet, but on the surface as well. So start with vacuum-cleaning and make sure that you will remove as much as possible because that will facilitate the clean-up thereafter.


Dip a traditional white rag or cloth into a cleaning product. If you have one specialized in carpets or other fabrics, it will be wonderful, because using the windows detergent simply won’t work at all. Scrub the cloth then into the stain, try to remove it and after that dip it one more time and leave it on the stain for some time.


Ok, it’s gone now, but not the detergent. So use a simple wet clout and remove everything from the carpet leaving it like brand new at the end. And if you want to save yourself all these efforts, just call a cleaning company.

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