Black or white bathroom: which one is easier to stay clean?

No matter if you are on a housing tour, looking for an apartment to rent, or you are house hunting, searching the home of your dreams, if you have the needed experience, if you have moved in and out several times and have lived in different places through the years, you are most probably paying attention to the details, because in the end they are what indeed matters. So you are visiting different houses and you are not interested in how the bedrooms or the living room looks like, you think of how you could maintain this home and how much time you will have to spend. And in this same train of thoughts you go to the bathroom where the eternal question is: black or white is better? Continue Reading

Hiring cleaning professionals was one of the best decisions in my life

Every time I was about to perform a spring or a fall cleaning, or an end of tenancy one, I was more than nervous. I had to spend so much time and energy, I had to buy different detergents and cleaning products, which then turned out to be totally inefficient, I had to find the cleaning tools which were somewhere at home only to understand that they were too old and they could not help me at all, I had to gather some friends when I wanted to cope with this whole thing in less time and I had to take a look at some techniques and during the after tenancy cleaning I had to even take into consideration several checklists. And oh God, all this made me more than unhappy and my whole lifestyle even tenser.  Continue Reading

Summer at home

Oh, it’s finally summer – the season of the freedom, the flightiness and the absolute rest. You have always connected this magical time with your childhood, the end of the school year and the start of the unforgettable experience. You liked it then, just like you adored it during your university years and now, you love the whole idea of spending some time somewhere with your beloved one, only you two, together, or with some friends to share it all with. But in the harsh reality we live, the summer not always means holiday. Well, yeah, you are having your two weeks off in the middle of august, but till then there is a lot of time you have to spend in the office and then back at home. But if you make your house a summery and freshly cozy place, you will invite the sensations of this season at home and they will find place in your soul.

Bed in the garden 

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Is the end of tenancy cleaning possible with a pet?

Mike is part of the family. He was with you when you moved in town and didn’t know anyone, he was with you when you started your first job, when you meet your future spouse, when you fell in love, when you were happy and when you were sad. Mike was with you when you were absolutely alone in your home, crying on the kitchen floor, having lost all hope. He was with you when your flat was full of cheerful people, when you were having a movie night with your friends. Yes, he was always there. And he will be. He was one of the reasons you looked for a house instead of the flat in the city center – because you have always dreamed about your kids playing with Mike in the backyard. This dream is your paradise. And Mike someone you definitely love. Mike – your wonderful dog.

So now you are planning your move out and you have to take care of the whole rented property, performing the end of tenancy cleaning. You love Mike, but you know that he makes this task a lot harder. You finally end up asking yourself is the end of tenancy cleaning possible when you have a pet or you better get over the loss of your security deposit.

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Gardening for Beginners: 5 healthy herbs at home

Gardening sounds a little frightening and not for everyone. Well, you don’t have some remarkable planting skills, but you love your garden, you adore it. You like spending some time there with your family in a simple sunny morning, drinking coffee, having a brunch. You love gathering your friends here, in the garden, for a BBQ with music and chatting, spending some precious time. But every other day you go to the garden center, choose carefully a flower and then plant it. And too often it dies only in a few days. But you haven’t lost hope and now want to grow something new. Here are the 5 most popular culinary herbs and the method for their cultivation.

The basil

Let’s start with this Italian divine herb, because it’s most likely that you won’t succeed killing it – it’s just too simple to grow. It doesn’t need much watering and you can even plant it indoors. The basil is really good in detoxifying and calming the nerves. This herb is also basically in every Italian dish. You can use it while preparing pizza or pasta, or you can make yourself the unique Italian pesto using the basil leaves, some extra virgin olive oil, Italian Parmesan cheese and garlic. And voilà!

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The cleaning tips professionals give you

It is all about the cleaning too often. That house of your dreams doesn’t look that nice and that dreamy at all, when it is not cleaned well. But how do you clean it properly, is the logical next question. Unfortunately the time we spend tidying doesn’t determine the final result, which means that you could spend a whole week performing an end of tenancy cleaning and in the end you may still fail the inspection, you may spend your whole weekend doing the so called spring cleaning, or the fall one and you might be more than disappointed in the beautiful sunny Monday morning when you notice the hundreds imperfections you obviously didn’t take care of. Continue Reading

How to clean your home with not much more than a lemon

Usually there comes a time, when we want to forget about the cleaning detergents that take up space under the sink, and often are way too expensive and not so effective. We start looking for alternative cleaning methods for our home, with more biological substances, rather than chemical ones. Especially if you want to get back your deposit, at the end of your stay, and you have to attain end of tenancy cleaning, at some point- you are not so willing to spend a lot of money as you prepare the apartment for someone else. But even if this is not the case, and the end of tenancy cleaning is years away in your planes, you have to know these tricks, just for the everyday maintenance of your home.

3506659385_96c46f1962_oSo here comes the lemon, the best friend for everyday or end of tenancy cleaning. Where does the lemon’s power hides? Its high acid content allows it to work as a disinfectant and powerful “killer” of most common bacteria among most households.Continue Reading

The difference between the way you clean your leather sofa and the way you should do it

When I first moved in this house, I liked it a lot – it was all light and spacious, beautifully designed and perfectly arranged. But something impressed me more than a lot – in the middle of the living room, just in front of the TV, I saw it, its majesty – the flawless leather sofa. And if you believe that it is too old-fashioned, you are too deluded, because it is classy and nice and brings some kind of a soul to this enthralling home. However, for one reason or other I rented this property and live ever since happily here. But the real question is: do I find this couch still so magical? Well, I am in two minds even after so much time. The overall appearance is absolutely stunning, but the cleaning is a total disaster. I tried so many cleaning products, I have used every single one from the great variety offered in the market, but something is still not actually ok.  Continue Reading

Oven cleansing doesn’t need to be difficult!

We frequently neglect to cleanse our stove because of that we never have time for it as we are always using it. However, months of usage could induce the build-up of oil as well as grime, which need to be rid of so the oven executes to its optimal potential. Filth in the oven is likewise bad for your food as it will take in the odor of grease every single time you prepare it. Don’t bother that it can additionally turn into a fire risk.

Do you fear the time when you have to cleanse your oven? Are you tempted to hire professionals to do it? Especially if you are a tenant and need an end of tenancy cleaning? Well, don’t be! Stove cleansing does not need to be difficult whatsoever. First you have to set up the type of stove you have. If you are fortunate enough, you will have a self-cleaning stove, which is excellent. However, the majority of us have ovens that have to be washed by hand. Here is a step by step quick guide of the best ways to tidy average stoves.Continue Reading

Smoking cigarettes – Why folks beginning and also why they ought to finish

3497520295_9bcf802e8d_o The epidemic of smoking-related diseases is one which simply the prospective subjects can remove. Cigarette smoking is most likely one of the most constant actions in the Western globe and also this harmful method will certainly eliminate a variety of it.It is terrific to assume that folks might continue gradually to smoke after their initial speculative cigarette which creates coughing as well as health issues those which involve. Nonetheless, most smokers take advantage of the smell as well as preference of tobacco cigarette smoking therefore they actually happen with this particular potentially deadly program. Usually the practice of smoking makes delight and recreation it self. For a bunch of, it is a social habits as well as makes them feel part of the audience. That is especially so of men and women which are timid. Having something concerning their fingers when in business assists them to appear a lot more in control and self-confident.Continue Reading