How to clean your home with not much more than a lemon

Usually there comes a time, when we want to forget about the cleaning detergents that take up space under the sink, and often are way too expensive and not so effective. We start looking for alternative cleaning methods for our home, with more biological substances, rather than chemical ones. Especially if you want to get back your deposit, at the end of your stay, and you have to attain end of tenancy cleaning, at some point- you are not so willing to spend a lot of money as you prepare the apartment for someone else. But even if this is not the case, and the end of tenancy cleaning is years away in your planes, you have to know these tricks, just for the everyday maintenance of your home.

Oven cleansing doesn’t need to be difficult!

We frequently neglect to cleanse our stove because of that we never have time for it as we are always using it. However, months of usage could induce the build-up of oil as well as grime, which need to be rid of so the oven executes to its optimal potential. Filth in the oven is likewise bad for your food as it will take in the odor of grease every single time you prepare it. Don’t bother that it can additionally turn into a fire risk.

Do you fear the time when you have to cleanse your oven? Are you tempted to hire professionals to do it? Especially if you are a tenant and need an end of tenancy cleaning? Well, don’t be!