Garage renovation ideas

One of the quickest means to include added storage space and also area to the inside of the home is to utilize room that is not currently utilized. Nearly every residence has unused space in the garage area that could broaden the location that is utilized for storage space. With an effective garage makeover, every house owner could give a location for even more company, while using area that was not being used for anything.Continue Reading

You crave for a perfectly clean kitchen? Get rid of the kitchen clutter then.

You adore cooking and baking and therefore you love spending some time in your kitchen preparing divine meals and desserts, but indeed you are not so keen on the whole idea about the mandatory clean-up thereafter. You end up having a messy, greasy and dirty kitchen, which doesn’t inspire you at all to even make a breakfast in the morning. But the harsh truth is that you have fault for this whole situation, and in fact if your kitchen was better organized and absolutely decluttered, you would be able to clean it easier and to maintain it in a perfect condition.

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And admit it or not, you always neglect this part and then you are always complaining about the time you spend there instead of in the park or on the couch with a nice book and a cup of coffee.

Don’t worry though; the good news is that following a few easy steps only, you will be able to turn this place into a paradise.  Continue Reading

End of tenancy cleaning: mud on the carpet, what now?

You are just about to move out at the end of the month and you started thinking about the whole end of tenancy cleaning thing, because you know that the inspection will eventually happen and that your lovely landlord will arrive with some lists here and not only a cleaning one, but an inventory one as well. Ok, first you thought that investigating the situation at home will be a nice idea and you started packing and rearranging the furniture so that you can clean better absolutely every place. And then something unexpected came out. You were just moving the lovely table at the entryway when you saw a massive mud stain there. Well, you cannot really remember when this disaster happened, but what you surely remember is that one of the after tenancy cleaning requirements includes the carpets. Therefore you called one of the best professional London’s cleaners, which has wonderful reputation and whose service you have used more than once, and they gave you this advice.Continue Reading

The perfect autumn cleaning

It sounds tiring and time-consuming and you believe that it is something like the big brother of the spring cleaning and as you are not a keen lover of this one, you tend to believe that you will secretly hate the fall clean-up as well. The ugly truth is that the main reason this cleaning might be worse than the spring one is that the initial enthusiasm you certainly have, that same enthusiasm that makes you jump and smile, thinking about the warm weather, the upcoming summer, the bunch of outside activities that remained forgotten for so long, is gone, there is no enthusiasm in the fall and only tons of labels and ads with slogans “back to work” and “back to school”. The hope is dying, the Christmas and any kind of winter vacations and holidays – too far away and what you should do now is simply face the reality.
However, the truth is that the cleaning is not only dust and stain removal, it is not only windows washing and polishing, it could be much more fun, it could be much more effective and it could bring you splendid results, results that will convince you it was all worth it. The efforts were not pointless and the time was well-spent.

You like this scenario, don’t you? Keep reading then.

Organize, declutter, arrange

We talk about cleaning and home maintenance, but we forget about these and about their significant meaning as well. The truth is that you cannot have a clean home, unless you have an organized one first. And if you have done some sorting out and decluttering in the spring, don’t be deluded and admit that there are plenty of things you have gathered ever since, things you obviously don’t need, but you keep for some unknown, too often sentimental and absolutely mindless reasons. The fall is like a new beginning, a new year, starting in September, the perfect moment for a fresh start, for saying good-bye to all those things you won’t need at all. So spend some time and have fun while you are getting rid of old clothes, stationary, presents and so on with some friends. You will have a remarkably fun time for sure.

Clean or trust the cleaners

And after you have prepared your home, it is time for a proper cleaning. In the reality, however, you are so busy in the beginning of the autumn, you have come back from holiday not long ago, you have million tasks at work, you haven’t been shopping properly for a month, your kids are going to school and need some special care and attention now, so that everything could be ok thereafter, you have to plan your future duties and events and so on and somewhere you should add this cleaning. The truth is that you know your home needs it, but you know you have no time as well. And for this reason hiring a professional team, one of the London’s best cleaners, is the perfect thing you could do now.

Black or white bathroom: which one is easier to stay clean?

No matter if you are on a housing tour, looking for an apartment to rent, or you are house hunting, searching the home of your dreams, if you have the needed experience, if you have moved in and out several times and have lived in different places through the years, you are most probably paying attention to the details, because in the end they are what indeed matters. So you are visiting different houses and you are not interested in how the bedrooms or the living room looks like, you think of how you could maintain this home and how much time you will have to spend. And in this same train of thoughts you go to the bathroom where the eternal question is: black or white is better?

The black one

This is so damn beautiful and impressive, but indeed the cleaning disaster itself. No matter how much time you spend on your knees polishing the tiles and trying to remove the hard water stains, they will be still there and the worst part is that they will be too visible and too annoying for you. The soap, shampoo, shower gel, etc. stains could be hardly removed as well and this makes the whole situation a total nightmare.

The white one

It is indeed better than the black one, but here there is a chance that dirt and grime could be found between the tiles, for instance, and they won’t be perfectly white for a long time. However, if you are taking care of this bathroom frequently, on a weekly basis, it will shine.

Somewhere in the middle

Like the beige bathroom, for instance – you won’t face the previous problems and in fact even if you don’t clean it so often, no one could notice.

Hiring cleaning professionals was one of the best decisions in my life

Every time I was about to perform a spring or a fall cleaning, or an end of tenancy one, I was more than nervous. I had to spend so much time and energy, I had to buy different detergents and cleaning products, which then turned out to be totally inefficient, I had to find the cleaning tools which were somewhere at home only to understand that they were too old and they could not help me at all, I had to gather some friends when I wanted to cope with this whole thing in less time and I had to take a look at some techniques and during the after tenancy cleaning I had to even take into consideration several checklists. And oh God, all this made me more than unhappy and my whole lifestyle even tenser.  Continue Reading

Summer at home

Oh, it’s finally summer – the season of the freedom, the flightiness and the absolute rest. You have always connected this magical time with your childhood, the end of the school year and the start of the unforgettable experience. You liked it then, just like you adored it during your university years and now, you love the whole idea of spending some time somewhere with your beloved one, only you two, together, or with some friends to share it all with. But in the harsh reality we live, the summer not always means holiday. Well, yeah, you are having your two weeks off in the middle of august, but till then there is a lot of time you have to spend in the office and then back at home. But if you make your house a summery and freshly cozy place, you will invite the sensations of this season at home and they will find place in your soul.

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Bed in the garden 

lawn-chairs-691561_1280We have some stereotypical ideas of the seasons – yeah, the winter must be spent at home around the fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate and candle lights and the coziness of cuddling and blankets and pillows and warmness should be all around. And the summer is connected with the outdoor – the beach, the mountain, the park and why not the garden. This place is at your home and in fact can turn out to be absolutely magical. And all you need is some sort of bed, you could move there for the summer. And it is not necessary this to be the one from your bedroom, thus you not having an alternative the whole summer, you can buy a cheap one you can use only in the backyard. You can chill there and talk with your beloved one every night, you can simply enjoy the magically wonderful starry sky or you can have a movie night, watching that film with 9.5 out of 10 in imdb. The excellence of life is brought to a night in the yard.

Summer scents

summer-still-life-785231_1280Ok, we all like this idea, but unfortunately not all of us have that garden, so why don’t you bring the summer indoors. The summer scents are vital and powerful, every time you close your eyes and you smell the lavender or the sage that remind you of the last summer, you get nostalgic in a good way and instantly go there in your mind, in your memories. And I am sure that your past summers have collected so many scents you can somehow find in the city and bring near to your heart.

The plants

It could be normal indoor plants or freshly cut flowers – the effect is slightly the same. Your home is livelier and more summery, because the flowers remind you of the magnolias in Greece and tulips in Amsterdam. They are easy to find, not so hard to look after and a precious decoration.



Is the end of tenancy cleaning possible with a pet?

Mike is part of the family. He was with you when you moved in town and didn’t know anyone, he was with you when you started your first job, when you meet your future spouse, when you fell in love, when you were happy and when you were sad. Mike was with you when you were absolutely alone in your home, crying on the kitchen floor, having lost all hope. He was with you when your flat was full of cheerful people, when you were having a movie night with your friends. Yes, he was always there. And he will be. He was one of the reasons you looked for a house instead of the flat in the city center – because you have always dreamed about your kids playing with Mike in the backyard. This dream is your paradise. And Mike someone you definitely love. Mike – your wonderful dog.

So now you are planning your move out and you have to take care of the whole rented property, performing the end of tenancy cleaning. You love Mike, but you know that he makes this task a lot harder. You finally end up asking yourself is the end of tenancy cleaning possible when you have a pet or you better get over the loss of your security deposit.

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Gardening for Beginners: 5 healthy herbs at home

Gardening sounds a little frightening and not for everyone. Well, you don’t have some remarkable planting skills, but you love your garden, you adore it. You like spending some time there with your family in a simple sunny morning, drinking coffee, having a brunch. You love gathering your friends here, in the garden, for a BBQ with music and chatting, spending some precious time. But every other day you go to the garden center, choose carefully a flower and then plant it. And too often it dies only in a few days. But you haven’t lost hope and now want to grow something new. Here are the 5 most popular culinary herbs and the method for their cultivation.

The basil

Let’s start with this Italian divine herb, because it’s most likely that you won’t succeed killing it – it’s just too simple to grow. It doesn’t need much watering and you can even plant it indoors. The basil is really good in detoxifying and calming the nerves. This herb is also basically in every Italian dish. You can use it while preparing pizza or pasta, or you can make yourself the unique Italian pesto using the basil leaves, some extra virgin olive oil, Italian Parmesan cheese and garlic. And voilà!

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The cleaning tips professionals give you

It is all about the cleaning too often. That house of your dreams doesn’t look that nice and that dreamy at all, when it is not cleaned well. But how do you clean it properly, is the logical next question. Unfortunately the time we spend tidying doesn’t determine the final result, which means that you could spend a whole week performing an end of tenancy cleaning and in the end you may still fail the inspection, you may spend your whole weekend doing the so called spring cleaning, or the fall one and you might be more than disappointed in the beautiful sunny Monday morning when you notice the hundreds imperfections you obviously didn’t take care of. Continue Reading